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By | December 26, 2018

We all are living the fast life today and our body and mind need the occasional vacation and rest to rejuvenate and go back to the rat race of the modern life. Spas greatly accelerate this rejuvenation as they provide the much-needed relaxation of mind and spirit that is needed by us all. Spas have become a major attraction among travelers who want to get the complete experience of revitalization in their vacation.

Spas are also attractive because of the pampering quotient attached to the experience. After a long day of sightseeing and exploring, there is no better way to spring to life more than a spa. Basic spa facilities include the sauna bath with relaxing massages. However, now-a-days no one believes in basics and hotels push up the luxury meter by attaching facilities such as intricate massages from all over the world (for e.g. the Thai massage), beauty treatments, health treatments, gymnasium and steam rooms to their spa experience.

The London spa hotels have luxury in-built in them and provide all the facilities listed above (and more) in their spas. Given the inherent nature of luxury in everything in London, the spa experience also becomes an experience that you won’t forget in your lifetime.

The popular locations for spa hotels in London are Mayfair, Westminster, Soho and Kensington. These are just the popular locations for finding the best spa hotels in London and should not be confused as the only locations as spa hotels are found all over London. So choose your location and enjoy the relaxation!

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Most popular spa hotels are in Mayfair, which is the luxury capital of London due to the presence of high-end boutiques. Other such places are Crowne Plaza London, St James, The Mayfair Hotel, Langham Hotel and the Metropolitan Hotel. Price range of these hotels is in the upper ranges of 250-300 pounds but guest should check if the spa facility is included in the rent or not. Most hotels offer the spa as an exclusive feature and hence do not include it in the rent. Customers should check this feature before booking. The charges of the spa facility depend on the kind of add-ons you take in the spa. It is mostly quite affordable treat for the customers of the spa hotels.

In Westminster, the most famous spa hotels are the Crowne Plaza London, St James and the Sofitel St James London. These are in the high-end of the price range from 250-400 pounds and are exclusivity redefined. The high prices are because Westminster is one of the most powerful places in London and in popular parlance considered to be the political capital of London.

In Soho, which is the multicultural melting pot of London and full of bars and clubs, the famous spa hotels are the Sanctum Soho and the Sanderson Hotel. The prices here are expensive, from 200-500 pounds. Soho provides the best mix between the rock and roll and the Victorian experience in London and hence commands the prices that it does. The prices justify the services that they offer.

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