Cheap Car Insurance: How Young Drivers Can Improve Their Options

By | December 29, 2018

Securing cheap car insurance is something all drivers want, but for young drivers, it is far from easy to get. Insurance companies consider drivers in the 17-25 age group to be high risk, and have the evidence to justify it. However, it is a mistake to believe those drivers will find it impossible to get a good deal.

Insurance companies are not simply presuming that young drivers are a greater risk on the roads than other groups. In fact, there is a wealth of statistical information that confirms they are more likely to have a road accident than any other group. With this in mind, it is only natural that insurers are reluctant to offer low premium auto insurance.

But, there are some simple steps that young drivers can take to improve the terms of their car insurance policy, lowering the premium and availing of some discounts too. The rise of online insurance brokers has helped the situation too, but much in the hands of the drivers themselves.

Why Poor Terms Are Offered

Young drivers are perhaps victims of circumstance more than anything else. Insurance brokers have little reason to trust them, with survey results showing just how poor a large section of the age group is, using cellphones while driving, and sending and reading SMS messages. So, offering cheap car insurance to these drivers is almost impossible.

Unfortunately, it is not until a driving record can be put together that a young driver can counter that claim. So, everyone starting out faces hefty premiums until experience has been gained. It is then that low premium auto insurance becomes a genuine possibility.

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Of course, it is important not to be involved in any accidents until then, and even to avoid small issues like speeding tickets. Insurance companies take any information relating to driving onboard when deciding on the car insurance premium year by year.

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